Starting at $5 for a single crane ornament to $500 for a large hand painted platter. Please contact Nancy for pricing.

Email your order or questions to or call 415-242-3414



Motifs available are leaves, paisley and mosaic. Custom motifs are negotiable.

Platters, bowls, vases and votives are available from current inventory or by custom order.

Glass is priced starting at $25 per wine glass.

Paper can be chosen to coordinate with theme of any event.

$5 per crane
(example: A 5-crane mobile is $25)

5 in Short Sticks $20/pair
9 in Long Sticks $25/pair

Paper can be chosen to coordinate with theme of any event. Ribbon hanger included.

$5 each

About Our Cranes

The cranes are laminated with a light glaze to harden the paper, creating an ornament that is durable and permanent. A jewel and wire is attached to the cranes, allowing the crane to hang from a branch or a gift.

Crane Lore

The crane motif is an ancient symbol in marriages in Japan, symbolizing fidelity, prosperity and longevity. In Japan the crane is known as 'the bird of happiness'. The Chinese believe that cranes are symbols of wisdom. There is an association of the crane with celebration of peace and prayers for those lost in war. The crane is also associated with poets. Greek and Roman myths portray the dance of cranes as a love of joy and a celebration of life. The crane is the bird of Apollo, the Sun God. Apollo disguised himself as a crane when on visits to the mortal world.

About Our Glass

Handpainted glassware is a perfect gift to commemorate celebrations. These treasures are well received for a wedding, housewarming, graduation, job promotion, or any life celebrations. Celebrate the discovery of a unique heirloom art piece for your own personal collection.

Nancy McNally’s hand painted special occasion glass should be cleaned by hand washing only.The glass paint is from France and is durable, permanent, and non-toxic. The paint is fused onto the glass by heat setting.

About Nancy McNally

Nancy McNally is a multimedia fine arts painter, theater set designer, costumer, fabric painter, gardener, caterer, life long artist, and a native of San Francisco. She first made origami cranes for a wedding she catered in 1978. The wedding party was for friends with a limited budget. They requested something colorful and artistic for their tabletops that would add a festive appearance. Nancy hired her children to help make hundreds of origami cranes. Her artistic children, Jaime and Natalia, instructed Nancy how to make the cranes when they were preteens.

Nancy is the founder of the National AIDS Memorial Grove in Golden Gate Park, and annually donates art for AIDS agencies art auctions since 1987. Her paintings are available for sale and will be on view on another website that is under construction. Nancy has always enjoyed creating crafts for sale, allowing people to purchase art work that is affordable for everyone. She owned a hand painted silk scarf business for 20 years, selling her fabric art throughout the world. She retired the fabric business and began the glass painting business in 1998. In 2002 Nancy decided to explore origami again and recently began to laminate the cranes making them permanent and functional holiday ornaments for celebrations throughout the year. Origami cranes fashioned into mobiles is her 2004 addition to the Nancy McNally array of crafts available for elegant celebratory decor.

copyright 2004 Nancy McNally

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